Pump Rules Star Lala Kent Shocks Fans With Sperm Donor Pregnancy Reveal

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent just dropped a bombshell – she’s pregnant with her second child conceived via a sperm donor! The 32-year-old announced the surprise news with an adorable Instagram photo of her daughter Ocean caressing her baby bump.

In a candid interview, the reality TV personality opened up about her decision to use a sperm donor and undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) to have another child. Kent is on a mission to destigmatize alternative paths to parenthood for single women.

“I prioritized characteristics other than looks or intelligence, those were lowest on my list,” she revealed about picking a donor. Kent worked closely with a fertility specialist and the reputable California Cryobank during the selection process.

Shockingly, she became pregnant on the very first round of IUI treatment – even her doctor didn’t expect such fast success! The donor Kent chose has a special ocean connection meaningful to her daughter’s name.

While Kent hasn’t seen adult photos of the donor, as some opt out of sharing them, she feels content with her deeply researched choice. The star plans to be fully transparent with her children about her use of a sperm donor.

The pregnancy announcement comes amid other major life changes for the single mom. Kent recently purchased a new home, signaling an exciting chapter as she prepares her family’s nest for baby #2.

Her ex’s former wife, Ambyr Childers, has even congratulated Kent, proving there’s no bad blood between the modern family. As Kent shapes her own definition of parenthood, she’s receiving support from unexpected places.

Kent’s brave vulnerability in sharing her fertility journey is prompting important conversations. Her unique road to pregnancy reminds us that there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for building a family in today’s world.

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